Antichità al Ghetto in the news

Louis Vuitton City Guide

Louis Vuitton devoted us a space on the last three editions (2015, 2016, and 2017) of the travel guide on Venice. The guide, available in French and English (they stopped printing the Italian version since 2017), in book version or as mobile application, includes more than carefully selected 600 addresses and five themed routes.
The curious facts is that the authors, Philippe Duboÿ, Oscar Duboÿ and the sailor Alberto Sonino were careful enough to not inform those reviewed activities being mentioned on the travel guide.
As far as we are concerned, we found out we had been featured on the guide thanks to a client of ours, who told she decided to visit us after having read about our shop in Louis Vuitton City Guide.
What a surprise!


We are very grateful to our French friends, Luc and Danielle Carton, for having devoted us some wonderful photos and a brilliant presentation on their website about Venice: . includes more than 4.000 pages on Venice and its wonderful locations. The website, as Luc and Danielle themselves, soon became an essential reference point for all those French travelers willing to visit la Serenissima.
As mentioned, the website authors wrote a rich page with images (all the photos on the website are personally taken by Luc himself, a talented photographer), and contents that have undoubtedly increased our number of visitors:


Lonely Planet

Our shop has been featured also on the travel guide Lonely Planet. In this case too we were informed by a client, another pleasant surprise!
Here follows the link:


The Monocle Travel Guide Series

Published in 2017, this amazing English book guide about Venice reveals the most curious and interesting spots around the Serenissima, from the ideal route for an early-morning run to the best streets for independent retail. We have been contacted by the editor, Mr. Joe Pickard, in order to give some details about our store and few months later our shop is now featuring in these nice and neat pages. We couldn’t be happier and grateful! You can purchase the Monocle Travel Guide on Venice at this link:



Discovering Artigianato

In 2015 Confartigianato Imprese Venezia  (it’s non-profit trade-union of the Italian craft industry) made an online portal and mobile application, in Italian and English called Discovering Artigianato. It includes all those high quality activities linked to handicraft and commerce situated in Veneto and that have been considered worthy to be visited.
Here’s the page devoted to Antichità al Ghetto:


Dove Viaggi Travel Guide

This is a further important review that allowed us to benefit from a higher visibility. It was first published on two volumes of Dove (in English: “where”) travel guides series, in March 2007 by Corriere della Sera (it’s an important Italian daily newspaper located in Milan). It is possible to read about our shop on the volumes devoted to Veneto and to Venice.



This portal and mobile app gathers more than 750 walking routes situated in the world’s biggest cities. We are glad to be one  of the stops suggested on the Venice itinerary!



Many bloggers and journalists have been dedicating us space (either in a descriptive way or with a simple picture) in their articles. Here you can find the last features:

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