Collectible Fish: A Selection of Precious Pieces From All Over the World

From July 10th to 22nd we have set up a market exhibition, gathering our current collection of antique fish (about forty pieces) in an exhibition itinerary through cultures, traditions and meanings.
Over the years we were amazed at the surprise and interest sparked by the items related to the shape and symbolism of fish, whether they were jewels, small containers or simple yet precious furnishing objects.
The question we were most frequently asked was always the same: why so many fish in our shop and if, in addition to their aesthetic aspect, a hidden symbolic meaning was hidden.
This curiosity prompted us to search for increasingly particular specimens and to delve into their history and value in the various cultures and traditions. The continuous research has been rewarded by the growing interest of our public, so much so that we have been led to set up a small but significant exhibition of our current collection.
The fish on display were divided according to their geographical or cultural origin; a photographic and descriptive catalogue, in Italian and English, describes their origin and symbolism.
And we like to think that, all in all, everything started from the “fish” that welcomed us, the city of Venice, which when seen from above recalls in fact the shape of a fish.


Our “Collectible Fish” are thoroughly described in a catalogue with photos, fact sheets and insights, in Italian and English, that you can consult for free in PDF version.
You can download it by clicking on the image here –>