Handcuff type bracelet in silver filigree and micro mosaic

We are right in the middle of Spring, the days are getting longer, all the trees have now blossomed again and our beloved swallows have also returned to Venice. How beautiful it is to follow their flight over the roofs of the Serenissima at sunset.
It is the perfect time to show you this wonderful jewel:

It is a rare 19th century handcuff type bracelet in gilt silver filigree decorated with three medallions in Roman micro mosaic depicting: in the center two swallows facing each other and separated by a flowering twig on a white background, and on the sides two floral motifs on a brilliant turquoise background.
Symbol of light, hope, resurrection and fraternal union, the two swallows are depicted with extreme realism: tiny pieces of tiles of enamel glass draw the characteristic two-pointed tails, the straight dark gray beak and the curved pointed wings.
Our anonymous micro mosaicist went even beyond by making the reflection of the light in the swallows’ eye with an infinitesimal white tile.     

The quality of the silver filigree, conceived in elegant motifs of flowers, leaves and spirals, is extraordinary and enhances the beauty of the micro mosaics.

From Rome, the place where it was created, the bracelet must have certainly “traveled”. The hallmarks on its surface tell us that at some point in its existence it certainly made a stop in France. In fact, it bears a French import hallmark: a swan to indicate the silver fineness of 800/1000, in force in France since 1893.

Bracelet circumference when closed: about 17 cm 
Width: 2,5 cm
Weight: 30,7 g

Price: €2400

Riproduci video


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