Heart-shaped dangling earrings in gold filigree and little baroque pearls

Heart shaped dangling earrings in elegant 8K gold filigree (333/1000) and little baroque pearls.

The decoration with small baroque pearls was a very elaborate craftwork, completely made by hand and that consisted in piercing and threading every pearl, each one very close to another, on the thinnest metal threads that were either let loose to dangle or twisted in spirals, or more commonly fixed to the support to decorate.
Very often other decorative elements were added like colored stones in glass paste or gold threads in spiral and grains patterns.
This decorative craftwork didn’t compromise in any way the lightness of the whole ensemble and offered an alternative of great effect to the employ of precious and semi-precious stones, becoming quite popular in Southern Bourboun Italy.

The decoration with small baroque pearls, often further sophisticated by filigree elements, made extremely difficult the stamping of any hallmark.
As for our earrings, we can read on the hinged ear wires the goldsmith’s initials:
M G.

Sicily (Italy), 19th century

Length (hinged ear wire included): 7 cm
Width: 3,5 cm
Total weight: 13,3 g

Price: SOLD

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