Three tiny fish and a legend

Fish pendants in silver filigrane and coral, early XX century – Photo © Mg/Antichità al Ghetto SAS

[ITALIAN]                                                                                                                                     [FRANÇAIS]

When I first saw these three fish in silver filigree and coral, an Indian tale I was told when I was a kid immediately came to my mind.
The story is part of Pañcatantra, an ancient Indian collection of interrelated animal fables in verse and prose, arranged within a frame story.

Photo © Mg/Antichità al Ghetto SAS

Three fish lived in a pond. One was named Plan Ahead, another was Think Fast, and the third was named Wait and See. One day they heard a fisherman saying that he was going to cast his net in their pond the next day.
Plan Ahead said, “I’m swimming down the river tonight!”
Think Fast said, “I’m sure I’ll come up with a plan”.
Wait and See lazily said, “I just can’t think about it now…”.
When the fisherman cast his nets, Plan Ahead was long gone. But Think Fast and Wait and See were caught.
Think Fast quickly rolled his belly up and pretended to be dead. “Oh, this fish is no good!” said the fisherman, and threw him safely back into the water. But, Wait and See ended up in the fish market.
That is why they say, “In times of danger, when the net is cast, plan ahead or plan to think fast!”

An old arabic script of the legend