“Poison ring” in gilt silver and jade

Any ring that conceals a secret compartment is commonly called a poison ring. Almost always, however, the small hidden hollow was intended for a completely different purpose, as is in the case of the ring that we would like to present you.

A brilliant intense green cabochon-cut jade (jadeite) is adorned by a precious gilt silver frame worked in intertwined and wavy silver wires and bands, while on the sides two small flowers stand out. We find on the left of the jade the small pin to pull in order to open the secret compartment.

Jade is closely related to the philosophy and traditions of ancient imperial China and is still a symbol of courage, wisdom, justice, charity and purity. It is therefore not surprising that the small figure of Buddha set inside the secret compartment is carved in jade (also in this case jadeite). The bottom of the compartment is richly chiseled in floral motifs.

The surface of the small door is decorated with the figure of a smiling Buddha meditating on an open lotus flower, with hands joined and with legs crossed in the lotus position.

According to some schools of thought, the different stages of flower opening represent the different stages of the path of enlightenment. A closed flower symbolizes the period before enlightenment, while a fully open lotus represents full enlightenment. Sometimes the flower is partially open, with the center hidden, indicating that the lighting is beyond ordinary sight.

As mentioned at the beginning, this ring was made to carry anything but poison inside, but it contains the symbol par excellence of purity and enlightenment.

The ring, which size is adjustable, bears the “SILVER” hallmark on the inner side of the shank.
China, 1920s-1930s (created for export abroad, especially to England, or for trade within foreign concessions in China).

Size: 17/57 (adjustable)
Weight: 11,2 g

Price: SOLD

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