Through The Lens: Antichità al Ghetto’s New Micro Mosaics Collection

First created as Grand Tour souvenirs, micro mosaics are still breathtaking to this day with their little and sparkly tiles, skillfully arranged to produce a variety of reduced-size artworks.
Small enamel glass tassels and murrine millefiori make up masterful handcrafted jewels and decorative objects, which represent the highest expression of a centuries-old craftsmanship, born in Rome and later adopted by Venice.
Micro mosaic after micro mosaic, we have put together a new collection that spans from delicate 18th century antique plaques up to the early 20th century jewelry.
The exhibition took place from September 29th to October 8th, 2023 in our showroom, and it was a new opportunity to meet with other enthusiasts and experts in this ancient art.


Our new collection of micro mosaics is thoroughly described in a catalogue with photos, fact sheets and insights, in Italian and English, that you can consult for free in PDF version.
You can download it by clicking on the image here –>