Antichità al Ghetto has its website at last!

Photo ©: Mg/Antichità al Ghetto SAS

It seems impossible but ten years are already gone since the first day of opening.
From inside our windows we’ve seen many winters and summers following one another, losing track of the number of visitors crossing our threshold. But we do still remember the thrill of the first client entering the shop and the excitement of the first sale.
In ten years we we’ve been having the pleasure of greeting many people coming from all around the world, sharing with them our passion for antiques and for the wonderful city we’re now permanently living in, Venice.
Ten years ago we would have never guessed to be able to cover such a distance, but here we are. Here we STILL are!
Always more frequently we were asked a question that we had no choice but to answer in a negative way with – we must say – growing unease: “Do you guys have a website?”
Who has been following us for a while knows we are quite active on our Facebook page, on our Twitter profile and on our Instagram account. We are also on Weibo and Wechat to keep in touch with our Chinese clients.
Nevertheless, up to this date, no website.
There’s no major reason why we decided to start our blog right now. Let’s say we like round numbers and ten years of experience made us understand the need of an online window, a further tool to keep in touch with our clients abroad.
Few words on how we’d like – let’s see if we will be diligent and continuous – organize this blog:
Each post will be written in three languages: Italian, English and French, in order to allow as many readers as possible to enjoy the contents. Articles translations will be listed one after the other. Anyway, should someone be interested, we can provide on request article translations also in Spanish, German and Mandarin;
Images will have a prominent role: we will introduce you those items we consider as the most interesting, with few historical and descriptive notes. But not only that. Since we are living in an artistic city such as Venice, from time to time, we will provide you with news and suggestions about cultural events happening in town;
This blog is not meant to be an online selling site: this is a point we want to remark and highlight. For the time being, we are firmly convinced that any item – even more so antique ones – is to be examined on the spot by the client in order to verify its value and to observe any possible flaw. An online purchase doesn’t allow this kind of evaluation, no matter how many pictures and guaranties are given by the seller. A commissaire-priseur in France once told us: «Il faut voir avec les mains et toucher avec les yeux». (Trad: «You need to see with your hands and to touch with your eyes»).
We couldn’t agree more.